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Industrial Heat Sealers

Continuous Band Sealer – Horizontal



The Continuous Band Sealer can seal thousands in a day. Not only do they seal thermoplastic bags shut quickly but it also gives you a durable and professional which is perfect for packaging, storage and retail needs. Comes with a built in coder to monitor sealed products.


Impulse Foot Sealer



Foot sealers are ideal for high volume Poly Bag and other thermoplastic sealing. Capable of sealing 15-20 bags per minute, foot sealers keep both hands free for quicker and more accurate sealing. Equipped with a plug-in timer which controls the sealing time needed for different materials. A signal light indicates the heat cycle is complete and the seal is done.


Direct Foot Sealer



This machine features dial thermostat to set the optimal sealing temperature (0-300C) for your application. Direct foot sealers offer a strong seal ideal for coated aluminum foil, laminated kraft paper, cellophane, gusseted bags and other thick materials. Both jaws are heated simultaneously for better heat penetration to seal thicker materials. Sealers with a horizontal or serrated line seal will produce a seal with straight lines running across the seal, commonly used on bags of candy, chips, and coffee.


Pneumatic Sealer



Pneumatic Jaw Pressure Sealer is the best all around bag sealer on the MARKET and our top model for volume production. Combines performance with value in a machine that adjusts for most film sealing situations, even those difficult materials such as nylon, Tyvek, Teflon®, ESD bags, and plastic films.The system is equipped with high quality components including an electric foot switch that allows A SINGLE operator to easily and safely activate the sealing process.